Classes under 10 minutes

Classes under 10 minutes

Time is made up and oh, so hard to find! Find some time to reconnect and remember who you are. You've got this. We'll see you there!

Classes under 10 minutes
  • silence within

    We’re inviting you to arrive in this moment with us for a calming meditation sesh. Have a seat on the floor, find what feels most comfortable to you, and let’s remember this: life is not lived in silence, but that doesn’t mean there’s not silence within us. Keep your poses simple with your favori...

  • cat/cow pose

    Get your spine warmed up. Un-crunch ligaments and muscles. Don’t carry that shit with you. Clean out the gunk. (7:32)

  • river flow

    Settle in and get comfy wherever you are—this practice takes things nice and easy with a focus on breathing. We’ll take a minute to arrive, relax any tension in the shoulders or down the back, and settle into the unique flow of our breath. Just like every river flows differently, so does our brea...

  • half moon pose

    This is hard as fuck. I got you. Find the pose and your space in it. We will give you lots of stopping points and support to press on. (7:51)

  • breath spell

    If spell work was breath work this class would be it. This seated class focuses on breath work, the foundation of yoga. Let your eyes close and be easy in your body and in the moment. Let this guided meditation ease your mind and calm your spirit. (7:53)

  • forward fold

    An excellent way to clear out your head. Shake it up, reverse it. Let’s get into it. (7:55)

  • easy pose

    Get grounded, feel balanced, enhance your practice. “Easy Pose” may be deceptively challenging. Activate your legs, shake it out and find your stillness. (8:10)

  • warrior 2

    Center your day. Take a moment. Remember you are, in fact, a bad bitch. This pose can get you back on track. (8:31)

  • camel pose

    Let's open up and invite the energy in. Start where you are and enjoy the journey. (8:35)

  • getting existential

    Let’s get existential for a few minutes. Say it with us: “I am.” Pause for a moment to consider what that means and how it feels. We’ll get into this flow with a Bound Angle Pose before tuning into our breath and letting it mellow over time. Acknowledge your breath, give yourself permission to be...

  • allow yourself

    We restrict ourselves and set high expectations for ourselves in so many areas of our lives. This meditation is all about forgetting expectations and rules and restrictions, allowing yourself to be exactly as you are. We’ll engage with what it means to be present, get into Bound Angle pose, and t...

  • sacred space

    Got 5 minutes? That’s all you need today. Carve out your own version of a Sacred Space and let’s get into this practice. If you’ve recently gotten hurt, made a mistake, fallen down—this one’s for you. Life’s about learning from those mistakes, getting back up, gaining wisdom, and moving forward w...

  • take a breather

    Let’s take a breather together. Trust, you’ll feel so much better after taking this time for yourself—to reset and refresh through a series of intentional inhales and exhales. This practice will take just a little over 5 minutes. Jessamyn will talk you through settling into your personal space, b...

  • decongesting

    Jessamyn guides us toward the emotional, spiritual body—sometimes called our subtle body. In this practice, you’ll focus on clearing out any congestion in your subtle body and rinsing any old emotions or thoughts that may be stuck on a loop, clogging your spirit. Consider this practice your spiri...