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tune into yourself

The Earth Track • 36m

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  • solidify the basics

    This class breaks down the postures that get you ready to build into inversions. Once you’re solid here, you’re golden to start exploring the Bottoms Up collection. Get whatever props you want, and get ready to sweat. (45:17)

    Easy Pose (Sukhasana)
    Knee to Chest (Apanasana)
    Reclined Extended Hand...

  • carve out the space within

    We’re mixing it up by adding new shit into the sequencing you already know. It’s not important if it’s perfect, it’s important that you try – that’s where the magic happens. Follow your breath, it knows where to take you. (35:06)

    Suggested props: two blocks and a bolster

    Corpse Pose (Savasana)

  • make it super fucking lush

    It’s yin time, baby. This class is meant to embrace you when nothing else in life feels like it’s got you – don’t worry, we do. Grab at least two pillows or a bolster if you’ve got it, a blanket, a strap, and your fuzzy socks, and join us on the mat (or on your bed). (36:12)

    Corpse Pose (Savasan...