The New New

The New New

The New New
  • 1. late pass

    I'm sorry I'm late, I was dreaming I saved the world. This strong and slow flow is all about letting your light shine! So, roll out your mat and take your time, everything else can wait. No excuse necessary, this is your late pass! (24:40)

  • 2. jitterbug

    Tight on time? Tense in your body? This energetic flow will get your blood pumping in under seven minutes! Start standing, stretch the spine and transform those jitters into fuel. (13:52)

  • 3. heart shine

    This full body flow hits every spot and opens you up where you need it most. Shake it out, stretch and let your heart shine. You are your top priority, honor yourself! (17:26)

  • 4: messy masterpiece

    Get soft, go slow, give up. This flow is about letting your vulnerability come to the surface. Get messy, let yourself be, you're already a masterpiece! Great flow for creativity. (49:26)

  • 5: tears & fears

    A flow focused on acceptance. A lot of times it’s the hardest things in life that end up bringing the greatest gifts. If you’re having a particularly hard day, try this flow. Do your best or don’t do anything at all, we love that for you. (1:06:34)

  • 6: trigonometry

    Get into Trigonometry as we explore Triangle poses, feel into our sides, edges, sharp corners and the emotions within them. If you only practice one thing throughout this class, let it be acceptance. Turn triggers into triangles, this is your feel better flow. (50:00)

  • 7. sunshine sally

    In this class we take you through Sun Salutations A-Z, slowly and intentionally. Join us for a rounded practice for any level. An energizing morning flow to strengthen from within. 

  • 8: recess 8

    A snack-sized stretch from your chair or desk. This class focuses on the upper body where tension builds up when we spend too much time at our desks and devices. Let it all go, tension, to-do’s and invite rest and relaxation. Call it recess. (14:41)