Ebb & Flow: Daily Meditations

Ebb & Flow: Daily Meditations

A collection of short meditations to fit throughout your day, wherever you are.
Great for beginners, featuring audio only tracks you can listen to on the go.

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Ebb & Flow: Daily Meditations
  • gratitude | meditation

    Welcome to the last session in this installment of Ebb & Flow. We’re going to take a few minutes to practice gratitude together. This is a great session to do at the end of your day, either in or before going to bed. If you’re the journaling type and want to write down the things you think of, ma...

  • mindful shower | meditation

    This session is a guide for a mindful shower. Yes, like a naked, soapy shower. Or bath if that’s more your style. I want to invite you to make a whole experience out of it if that feels right to you – dim the lights, light some candles, bust out all of your favorite products, and maybe even make ...

  • decompression | meditation

    Welcome to the eighth session in our Ebb & Flow collection. We’re going to do a little pranayama, or breath-work, practice and use our breath to make space in the body and decompress from the day. We’re focusing on Ujjayi breath, which we use in postural yoga to build heat in the body and maintai...

  • elemental walk | meditation

    Grab your headphones, grab your water, we’re going on a hot girl walk. This seventh session in our Ebb & Flow collection is a guided walking meditation focused on seeing the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit everywhere we go.

  • mid-day magic | meditation

    Welcome to the fifth session in our Ebb & Flow collection. This track is all about tapping back into your imagination and magic really whenever you need it, but especially in the middle of the day when you’re maybe hitting a slump or feeling frustrated.

  • chamomile | meditation

    This sixth session in our Ebb & Flow collection is a warm, calming cup of tea to sit down with whenever you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list. We’re pulling back into ourselves and our truth, and taking a break from the many hats we wear throughout the day.

  • body scan | meditation

    This session is a practice in traditional Yoga Nidra body scan, or Rotation of Consciousness. Body scans put focus onto certain parts of our body which can be triggering or uncomfortable at times. If you need to stop and walk away, or tune out my voice completely, that is totally valid. (12:07)

  • morning commute | meditation

    Today’s session is a short, meditative moment for you to use on your commute, or in the time between parking your car and walking into work. Doesn’t matter if you’re on the bus, train, or freeway, however you’re able to show up is perfect. Whether you’re in transit physically or emotionally, you ...

  • logging on | meditation

    Welcome to the second session in our Ebb and Flow collection. This session is designed to help you bring meditation into your morning routine, but you can use it at whatever time you start logging on for your day. (8:23)

  • meditation 101 | meditation

    Welcome to our first session in our Ebb & Flow collection. When you’re just getting started with the practice it’s about noticing the thoughts that come and letting them pass. Find a comfortable position you can settle into for the next 10-ish minutes, and let's dive in. (12:25)