If you’re looking for a 10-minute yoga class you can do from your couch, I’ve got you. These postures are my favorite for a day spent binging The Crown, hibernating in bed, sitting at my desk all day, or really whenever I need a good stretch. We’ll be breathing our way through plenty of shoulder stretches, hip, and heart openers- Upward Salute, wall stretches, One-Legged Pigeon, and Bound Angle Pose with modifications along the way.

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  • hibernation 1: rise & shine

    Let’s unravel together with an Upward Salute that invites heat, sun, and energy to your body. Stay comfy, because this can be done from your couch, chair, or even your bed! And it can be done in the span of a commercial break. (2:11)

  • hibernation 2: take 5

    If you’ve been scrolling your phone all day or if you’ve been at your desk with your elbows bent for hours—this one’s for you. Get up against the wall and let’s stretch those arms and shoulders! We’ll only take 5 minutes of your time. (4:33)

  • hibernation 3: stand tall

    Is your body permanently imprinted in your couch? We can relate. This Hibernation video is designed to give your hips and lower back some relief, so let’s get you standing a little taller! Grab a chair for support and then get into the One-Legged Pigeon pose. (4:17)

  • hibernation 4: break from binge watching

    We interrupt your regularly scheduled Netflix marathon to bring you this much-needed stretch! Slide off the couch and to the floor—we’re stretching that pelvic region and loosening things up with the Bound Angle pose and a nice Forward Fold. (4:17)

  • holiday hibernation: unraveling

    If you’re in full hibernation mode, we love that for you and we support you. Buuut, we want to remind you to stretch to avoid stiff limbs and lower back pain. Get into an Upward Salute with us to invite heat and energy, then let’s move into a Wall Stretch, One-Legged Pigeon pose, and Bound Angle ...