The Water Track

The Water Track

Tap into the fluidity of your mind, body, and spirit with this meditative practice. We’re getting up close and personal with ourselves by focusing on the unique rhythms of our own breath, looking our baggage in the face, and learning to be more compassionate with ourselves in order to let the bad shit go. Have a seat, take a stand, or do whatever makes you most comfortable— the Water Track is all about going with the flow and can be done from wherever you are. As you follow along, remember to listen to yourself and do what comes naturally. Let’s be present, let’s breathe, let’s surrender, and let’s flow. Now, let’s get into it!

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The Water Track
  • 1. silence within

    We’re inviting you to arrive in this moment with us for a calming meditation sesh. Have a seat on the floor, find what feels most comfortable to you, and let’s remember this: life is not lived in silence, but that doesn’t mean there’s not silence within us. Keep your poses simple with your favori...

  • 2. natural rhythm

    Have you ever tried to match the rhythm of someone else’s breath? Yeah, we’re not doing that. Have a seat, take a stand, or get into whatever pose feels most comfortable. We’re focusing on breathing. Take a minute to find your way to stillness, notice your breath, and just let it be—wait for your...

  • 3. bring your baggage

    Bring your baggage and step into the chaos of today. This meditative practice can be done wherever and however is most comfortable for you, whether you’re sitting, standing, or laying down. We’re getting intentional about having compassion for ourselves and we’re bringing our baggage, our worries...