Indulge in yourself with these flows designed to reconnect you to pleasure and self-care. Unfurl and let yourself Blossom.

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  • floral foreplay

    Open your body from the inside out and reconnect with your inner intimacy. This class will have you on hands and knees, with a focus on hands and wrists. Whether you're getting into your own garden or someone else’s this class is a nice warm up. (15:49)

  • bed bloom

    Yoga from bed? Hell yeah. Open up your heart, improve posture, and increase balance. This class stretches arms, palms, and back, preparing you for all your favorite freaky fetishes. This class is perfect first thing in the AM, late night or as an afternoon delight. (24:13)

  • pelvic play

    A deep and slow flow that focuses on breath and holding poses. When you want to get out of the pose is when the pose begins, lean in. This flow will help stretch and engage your hips and pelvis for increased flexibility and less tension in sex or whatever you do in life. Hips can hold a lot of em...

  • pleasure prescription

    Building heat as a source of surrender. Looking for an A-Z class that hits all the notes? This flow is your prescription to connect with your intimacy through mind, body and emotion. This class will leave you feeling pleased, satisfied and ready to roar. (40:23)