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  • Ebb & Flow: Daily Meditations

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    A collection of short meditations to fit throughout your day, wherever you are.
    Great for beginners, featuring audio only tracks you can listen to on the go.

  • Water: Meditations with Video

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    Tap into the fluidity of your mind, body, and spirit with this collection of meditations. We’re getting up close and personal with ourselves by focusing on the unique rhythms of our own breath, looking our baggage in the face, and learning to be more compassionate with ourselves in order to let t...

  • UB Live: Water

    Meditate: you'll (probably) feel better. Join us for a 30-minute live meditation class and practice keeping your peace when life is throwing every distraction your way.

  • OPEN MIND: Don't Wait–Meditate

    Reminder: closed doors keep in as much as they keep out. Meditation is about opening the mind wide to allow thoughts to come and go on their own. Before you say you can't meditate, try this practice. (22:07)

    No props needed

    Featured poses:
    Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

  • BREATH SPELL: Seated Meditation

    If spell work was breathwork this class would be it. Let this guided meditation ease your mind and calm your spirit. (7:53)

  • PIN CUSHION: Meditate Your Feelings

    If sitting still with your emotions is the hardest thing to do, that’s how you know you need it most. In this meditation focus on being still and breathing through discomfort. If you’ve been having a lot of big emotions come up in your postural practice, come here to sit with them. (15:42)

    No pr...

  • QUICKIE: Meditate & Breathe

    Get in a quick meditation when you need it, anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re sitting at your desk, in the car or laying down just before bed. Take a few minutes to relax, decompress and breathe. Just the quick relief we were looking for. (11:12)