Classes to nourish you morning, noon and night! Whether you need help waking up, getting refocused or winding down, we got you.

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  • bellies' brew

    This is your "first sip of coffee" flow*. Jessamyn shares her “IF I DON’T DO ANY YOGA, I STILL DO THIS" every morning flow. Our HBIC credits these poses for getting her centered and aligned so she can feel her best throughout her day. Fill yourself up with power in this invigorating 20 min class....

  • back in 30

    If you’ve ever left the office to get your shit together in 30 minutes or less, this flow's for you. Whether you need to get moving, blow off some steam or re-up, whatever fix you need, we got you. These poses will energize and balance. Office space works fine, so if you can’t leave the office, l...

  • home cooked

    Unbutton your pants and unwind your mind. This flow has home-cooked written all over it. It’s comforting, filling and makes space for all you’ve been carrying. Focus on loosening the body, especially the wrists. Perfect for days you’ve been on devices all day or stirring the pot. Either way, we g...

  • night cap

    Let the stress of the day roll off your back with this sweet and soothing flow. Shine bright like a star in night sky and allow yourself to release the hard parts of your day and invite the softness of self-compassion and forgiveness. You can only do so much. Roll straight into bed after this flo...

  • fresh squeezed

    You got the juice, they got the juice, we all got the juice...but we have to squeeze it bright & early first. Nourish from the inside out with the nutrients that only a savasana’d body can provide. Loaded with your daily value of boss up energy, this class sets you up to succeed. (21:18)