Plant the Seeds to your practice and watch them grow. Let's slow it down. All of our bodies are unique and will look different as we listen and move through the postures. Breath deeply. Look within. Deepen your relationship with how your body moves. These are short classes, try one a few times or try a few at a time - it's all good. Make your own sequences up as you go with your favorite new postures.

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  • cat/cow pose

    Get your spine warmed up. Un-crunch ligaments and muscles. Don’t carry that shit with you. Clean out the gunk. (7:32)

  • easy pose

    Get grounded, feel balanced, enhance your practice. “Easy Pose” may be deceptively challenging. Activate your legs, shake it out and find your stillness. (8:10)

  • thread the needle

    A step by step guide to release tension in your hips. Let go of what you’ve been holding on to, not just physically but emotionally as well. (10:23)

  • downward facing dog

    Ground down and center your energy. Revisit this common yoga pose and allow it to become a place of respite. (10:20)

  • warrior 2

    Center your day. Take a moment. Remember you are, in fact, a bad bitch. This pose can get you back on track. (8:31)

  • forward fold

    An excellent way to clear out your head. Shake it up, reverse it. Let’s get into it. (7:55)

  • single pigeon pose

    This pose is a really deep hip opener - sink down. Whatever comes up, know that it is supposed to be. We feel you. You are not alone. (11:50)

  • half moon pose

    This is hard as fuck. I got you. Find the pose and your space in it. We will give you lots of stopping points and support to press on. (7:51)

  • camel pose

    Let's open up and invite the energy in. Start where you are and enjoy the journey. (8:35)