The Fire Track

The Fire Track

Turn it up! Follow the burn and chase the fire within. Your body is it's own perfect teacher for the moments your mind needs to find and sit with. Dig a little deeper. You've got this!

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The Fire Track
  • 1: Warm up wrists and shoulders

    This is a different class because it’s more of a tutorial. You’ll need a strap and a block. (30:00)

  • 2: Build some good heat

    This one’s nothing but energy. We’re going to get into our body, move it around quickly, heat it up, and wash it down with cool, relaxing energy. (37:50)

  • 3: Make space for your body

    We’re getting into one of Jessamyn’s favorite postures: Wild Thing pose. Not shitting you, that’s really what it’s called. And it requires a lot of you. (37:36)

  • 4: Crack open bits of your soul

    We are finally here! Back bends! You have been preparing for this. We’re going through all kinds of different bends and shapes so stay open to what can be. (46:27)

  • 5: Let go of your ego

    This class is all about Wheel pose, and we’re gonna need to get down to the basics. It’s an opportunity for our egos to step aside so that other pieces of the self come to the surface.

  • 6: Be easy

    Energize every part of the body using the postures we’ve been working on so far, with a few new ones thrown in. (39:54)

  • 7: Open all the way up

    Another featured favorite! This time, Mermaid pose. It’s a bright posture opening chest and hips with a backbend element. It looks pretty and feels pretty within your spirit. (40:26)

  • 8: Give yourself up to journey

    We’re working towards headstands by listening to our bodies. Let the posture teach you about yourself and allow the experience to be powerful. Show up for whatever is meant to happen today. (50:24)

  • 9: Get your sweat on

    This is the grand mack daddy — a combination of all the postures we’ve explored in this track thus far. No need to perform, just be in the shapes. (37:46)

  • 10: Calm down

    Let’s calm down together, staying in the shapes that feel good. Follow your breath — it knows where to go. (33:21)

  • The Underbelly Live - Fire Track

    This Fire Track-inspired flow is all about building good heat, listening to our bodies, and discovering how wonderfully capable we are. Allow yourself to play. You’ve got this. We can’t wait to move with you. 💜