The Earth Track

The Earth Track

Move deeper into your practice. Get comfortable as your body becomes familiar with various postures and begins to crave the movement. As you continue to build your practice, allow your mind to rest and your feet to know where the earth is, carry this groundedness with you as you go through your day. Rock it out!

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The Earth Track
  • 1: Connect to the energy of being alive

    Start grounded with breath in child’s pose, ultimately creating a life raft to carry us off of our mats. We’re in command and in charge! (40:35)

  • 2: Feel strong and powerful

    Learn balance basics to use in future postures and inversions, and walk away with more knowledge about standing strong and feeling balanced. (35:21)

  • 3: Manifest stillness

    We sink into a deeper place in our practice, allowing our emotions to come up naturally without shame or frustration. The focus is hips and hamstrings. (36:17)

  • 4: Practice submission

    By releasing our fight-or-flight instinct, we and practice our alignment points, go deeper with hip openers and battle with back bends. We stay present. (41:54)

  • 5: Open naturally

    Learn how your body moves and allow it to open up naturally over time. Sink into the present moment with more hip opening and Monkey Pose, a full split. (46:22)

  • 6: Begin the process of letting go

    Take joy in your submission during this practice, with a focus on a restorative route to hip openers. Sink in. Release the body without expectation. (36:08)

  • 7: Tune into yourself

    This is going to kick your ass. On purpose. You are capable of so much, so let’s find your limits. Be willing to get to a space of being challenged. Embrace it! (36:47)

  • 8: Solidify the basics

    Ever felt fireworks down your spine? Like, in a good way? Let’s do it as we break down the postures of dolphin, dolphin plank, side plank and wide legged forward bend. (45:17)

  • 9: Carve out the space within

    There’s some new shit happening in this practice, but get out of your head. You already know everything you need to know to bring it all together. (35:07)

  • 10: Make it super fucking lush

    We move toward a slow, contemplative practice with a class that’s meant to hold us. Be comforted by it and feel seen by looking within. (36:12)

  • UB Live: Earth Track

    This Earth Track-inspired flow is all about standing in your power & connecting to the energy of being alive. Let’s get grounded together. 💜