UB LIVE: Monthly Livestreamed Classes

UB LIVE: Monthly Livestreamed Classes

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UB LIVE: Monthly Livestreamed Classes

    Be here, be real, be YOU. Take this time to truly honor yourself, exactly as you are. Use all the props, take breaks when you need to, and practice listening to your body. That's yoga, your way.

  • UB LIVE: Yoga for Trans Resilience

    It's Trans Day of Visibility! Join us for a livestream of Yoga for Trans Resilience.

  • UB LIVE: Pleasure Practice

    Join us live on the mat to practice exploring pleasure with and within yourself. Pleasure is an integral pillar at The Underbelly. Sometimes we think it's something we need to buy or get from others, but the truth is, it's inside of you. Practice makes...progress. So let's start now! (if you've g...

  • UB LIVE: 108 Sun Salutations

    Start your New Year right with 108 Sun Salutations to connect the body, mind, spirit, and community and invite in renewal, inspiration, and healing! We'll walk through ways to keep track of your reps, break down a few options for modifying, and embark on this journey TOGETHER! It's all about work...


    Take a breath and feel your connection to the Earth. This class is all about grounding into the present moment and into your truth, keeping you centered when things get chaotic. Make sure you have all your favorite props, and meet us on the mat.

  • UB LIVE: Entering Your Villain Air-a

  • UB Live: Water

    Meditate: you'll (probably) feel better. Join us for a 30-minute live meditation class and practice keeping your peace when life is throwing every distraction your way.

  • August UB Live: Power

    Explore and activate your power in this 30-minute livestream class inspired by The Fire Track. Get ready to get sweaty!

  • UB LIVE: Rest

    In a world that preaches the hustle, rest is revolutionary. Join us on the mat for 30 minutes of self-care and self-compassion.


    You're not missing anything, you're exactly where you need to be. This flow is all about fighting FOMO, and remembering to bloom where you're planted.

  • UB LIVE: Burnout

    Feeling burnt out? We got you. Join us for a live class to work through burnout and invite in balance. Be gentle with yourself – you deserve it.

  • UB LIVE: Depression & Sadness

    Let's work through feelings of sadness and low mental health moments. You don't have to omit the “ugly” emotions that flavor our lives. You don't have to be anyone other than yourself – and you are welcome here!

  • UB LIVE: Stubbornness

    Join us LIVE for a class about exploring the very Aries energy of stubbornness: how it can help, how it can harm, and how to work through it. Get ready to feel some heat (and your feelings) on Thursday, March 30th at 7:30pm EST – we'll see you on the mat!

  • UB LIVE: All The Loves

    This is a space for you to explore what it feels like to radically, openly, unapologetically love yourself. Show your body some gratitude for carrying you through this life – you deserve it.

  • UB LIVE: Be You

    Wrap up the first month of our New Year, Be You Anti-Challenge with this love flow focused on accepting yourself exactly as you are — right now. Follow your breath, and follow your heart

  • HOLIDAY UB LIVE: Abundance

    Join us for the last UB LIVE in 2022 and explore abundance, acceptance, and growth. Roll out your mat and log in to The Underbelly at 12:00pm EST on 12/8 to make space for everything that you are 💜

  • UB LIVE: Shadow

    If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you know we’ve been exploring our shadow selves all week long with workshops, events, and discussions. This UB Live is no different! Venture into your own darkness with this shadow-work-inspired Live. We're getting deep with a theme of grief, death, and s...

  • UB LIVE: Water Track

    Tap into the fluidity of your mind, body, and spirit with this this subscriber-only class inspired by The Water Track. This class will be breath-work heavy & all about going with the flow, so join us from wherever you are- just as you are. 💜

  • UB LIVE: Fire Track

    This Fire Track-inspired flow is all about building good heat, listening to our bodies, and discovering how wonderfully capable we are. Allow yourself to play. You’ve got this. We can’t wait to move with you. 💜

  • UB Live: Earth Track

    This Earth Track-inspired flow is all about standing in your power & connecting to the energy of being alive. Let’s get grounded together. 💜

  • UB LIVE: Air Track

    This Air Track-inspired flow focuses on connecting the breath with movement, and most importantly, making space for our truth. We’re so glad you’re here.

  • UB LIVE: Yoga, Your Way

    What’s Good, Y'all? We’re back with another LIVE class at The Underbelly! Enjoy this 30-minute LIVE yoga sesh with Jessamyn!

  • What’s good y’all? We’re LIVE

    Jessamyn is showing up and practicing with you, live! Come as you are and practice with us. We cannot wait to see you on the mat.