The Air Track

The Air Track

Begin with a flow sequence and get to know how Jessamyn yogas. She will guide you through basic postures and flows in order to access your breath, accommodate your body and still your mind. Look within. Eyes closed and heart open.

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The Air Track
  • 1: Let yourself feel

    We learn the foundational sequence of postures that will be unpacked in subsequent classes, starting with the breath. Inhale: Fill up deep! (33:44)

  • 2: Get to the breath

    The breath is our guide as we learn the first part of the initial yoga sequencing — what makes it awesome and what can make it terrible. (38:00)

  • 3: Inject your body with breath

    We unpack the second part of the initial sequence with a focus on lunges and hips. Together, we find the deep breath within.

  • 4: Bring it all together

    It’s time to combine the postures and flow at a faster pace. Ain’t no thing — you’ve got this shit! (33:11)

  • 5: Stand tall and strong

    Sun Salutation goes from nemesis to savior as we bring in the light, break down each shape and link it all together.

  • 6: Run towards fire

    Let’s see who we really are by practicing Sun Salutation B, the sun shining into us. Feel the fire and burn away the parts that don’t need to be there. (42:38)

  • 7: Steep yourself in gratitude

    Sun Salutations and warrior postures flow together to get us fired up, help us find our strength, and give us power. (46:52)

  • 8: Get good and sweaty

    We get right into the action with Warrior poses. I’m proud of you! (44:09)

  • 9: See all of yourself

    You’ve learned so much! Let’s put it all together into one mighty flow, which will set you up for the next level. Time to sweat it out! (38:00)

  • 10: Pull back into your truth

    We’re going to stretch and feel good about ourselves, unpacking how meditation works. No down dogs or planks. Lots of breathing. (35:01)