School Yourself

School Yourself

No bleeps! This series is profanity free, perfect for practicing anytime and anywhere. All classes are beginner friendly, radiating with inner child energy, curiosity and the playfulness you love about The Underbelly. Take a moment to sit down and look within - you're your best teacher!

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School Yourself
  • 1. late pass

    I'm sorry I'm late, I was dreaming I saved the world. This strong and slow flow is all about letting your light shine! So, roll out your mat and take your time, everything else can wait. No excuse necessary, this is your late pass! (24:40)

  • 2. jitterbug

    Tight on time? Tense in your body? This energetic flow will get your blood pumping in under seven minutes! Start standing, stretch the spine and transform those jitters into fuel. (13:52)

  • 3. heart shine

    This full body flow hits every spot and opens you up where you need it most. Shake it out, stretch and let your heart shine. You are your top priority, honor yourself! (17:26)

  • 4: messy masterpiece

    Get soft, go slow, give up. This flow is about letting your vulnerability come to the surface. Get messy, let yourself be, you're already a masterpiece! Great flow for creativity. (49:26)