You can't always spend an hour on the mat. Sprout your practice with these shorter flows. Utilize and celebrate your new awareness of how your body makes specific postures in all their glory and enjoy the shorter sequences! This is a great place to grow your at home practice and learn sequences that can go with you anywhere. Practice a few at a time or find your favorite and hit replay again and again. Only you know how you yoga!

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  • 1. find extra energy

    Get your body nice and warm - move through child’s pose and downward facing dog. Bring the prana into your body and wake up! (17:13)

  • 2. open up your body

    We are going to practice seated straddle - take a moment to open up your hips. This shape can make a difference! (22:34)

  • 3. stretch it out

    Thank you for taking the time for yourself. This is one of my favorite sequences for general flexibility. (25:30)